A Blog for Fall

As is the usual case with the POI blog and I, it has been a while. At the time I last talked to all of you there were two big projects on the horizon. I hoped one would bring a big announcement but unfortunately that has not happened. Well before …

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Hopes and Dreams

  When we last visited it was early in the 2nd quarter. Now my absent (or possibly heterozygous) “blog gene” has again surfaced and I find myself deep in the 4th Quarter having not shared the work of POI or my thoughts moving forward with you. However, sometimes things move …

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The First Quarter 2011

The first three months of 2011 have been very busy times for POI, filled with a variety of activities filling all the hours available and moving our mission forward. A big event for POI in January was the annual meeting of our board where we always get strokes for our …

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The 4th quarter ends a great year and begins a bright future

Well it is blog time again. The fortune I am blessed with these days is that POI has a lot going on and much has happened over the past few months. This past quarter started as you can see from the homepage with an amazing few days as guest of …

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International Talent Feature

International Talent Featured Article

Help Chinese Women Keep Cervical Cancer at Bay English translation A decent job with handsome salary and compensation is the goal of most ordinary people. However, to high level experts, their pursuits go far beyond a decent and well-paying job. When they reach certain living standards, they will quit their …

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Dr. Jerome Belinson Receives China Friendship Award

Renowned Clinician and Researcher Jerome L. Belinson, M.D., receives China’s highest honor for foreign experts. He was recognized for his cancer detection and prevention efforts in rural china Jerome L. Belinson, M.D., professor of surgery in Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and founding director of Preventive Oncology International , …

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It’s time for the community

When told some months ago that I would have a blog on the POI website I absorbed the news very slowly and responded politely with a smile. My father could sit in a room for hours amid a circus of conversations and never say a word. His other gear was …

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The Future

Greetings to everyone, both new and old followers of our work. POI has had a great last 12-18 months with 3 large studies now winding down in China and in Mexico. We are very excited about our future, but at the same time nervous, because as one study finishes the …

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Welcome to the POI website.  Please take some time to navigate through the pages to gain an understanding of our organization and its mission.  We have a history of successful international research, and look forward to continuation of our efforts around the world.  Please visit the site often, as I …

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Chinese Cervical Cancer Pilot Study