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Our Collaborators & Sponsors

Philosophy Regarding Partnerships

To further our mission, POI partners with private sponsors, government agencies, international collaborators,  and private donors.  These funding sources have allowed us to provide needed medical care in underserved areas of the developing world while answering important research questions

We have partnered with  not-for-profit organizations, for-profit organizations and multinational corporations in order  to study ground-breaking technologies for use in the early detection of cervical cancer.  These collaborations have provided our collaborators with the opportunity to trial their product or technology in well designed, IRB approved, cost-effective international settings.  POI designs these clinical studies to in addition answer research questions to further knowledge of the disease, screening, early detection, barriers to obtaining care, acceptability of  devices and a host of other important issues.

Finally, the human subjects involved in the trials gain the benefit of participation in a screening or early detection program that, in most cases, would not have been available to them in their current situations.  It is hoped that the knowledge gained will lead to acceptable and affordable solutions for the people in their communities and underserved areas around the world.

Our research is always conducted using strict ethical research principles.  Our projects are approved by the Cleveland Clinic IRB as well as the local or regional IRB/ethics committee in the countries where we work.   Our data entry processes are rigorous and secure.   Research agreements specify that investigators will freely publish data regardless of the outcome.